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A lot of companies won't show you their results, especially the losing days. We don't do that. We post our results to our Instagram everyday for 100% transparency and you can find a running spreadsheet with all of our picks below.
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Three Key Statistics

Past Picks

Win Rate

While some other sports handicappers have unrealistically high win rates, we are very transparent in our win rate of 71.69%. In addition we only take picks with good odds (-150 or better), so you won't have to take any -400 favorites.

Units Made

The most important factor to any sports bettor is units made, and with 1 unit set at 2% of your bankroll, you would've seen your bankroll compound 45x since betting with us. This means a $50 bettor would be up over $112K with us.


Handicappers may boast a record of 80% but only have a sample size of 5 picks. With more than 5,000 picks, you can be assured that our record is one of the most consistent records out there, as there is no more reliable stat than a record.

Model's Factors

Past Picks

Our model has been continuously evolving for over 7 years. We have invested a lot of time and money to code and build the highest performing sports betting algorithm. Simplified, our model takes over 20+ factors into account and generates plays with respect to these factors.

Team Form

Recent overall performances (e.g., wins, losses, and draws).

Key Player Form

Performance of star or influencial players.

Home Record

Performance of home games and the corresponding records.

Team Composition

Chemistry and partnerships (e.g., defensive duos).

Historical Trends

Patterns in outcomes from recent seasons.

Team Depth

The strength of bench players and bench reserves (e.g. bullpen pitchers).

Recent News

Any controversies or off-field incidents.


Current injured players and their importance to the team.


Where the game is being held and the atmosphere around it.

Away Record

Performance of away games and the corresponding records.

Betting Trends

Where the majority of the public's money is going.


The length of time between games and the amount of rest a team gets.


Whether the team has won or lost a significant number of games in a row.

Altitude Familiarity

How used to high altitudes certain teams are.

Tactical Strategies

Coaches' strategies and formations.

Team Morale

Team spirit, especially after wins and losses.

Stakes of the Game

Whether the game is a decider or has playoff implications.


Rain, snow, wind and temperature, and how teams handle them.

Travel Distance

How long a team has travelled to get to place to place.

Player Matchups

How individual players match up against their counterparts.

Recent Transfers

New players and their impact