Passive Picks: Your secondary source of income.

With Passive Picks, we revolutionize the world of sports betting to use data and statistics to provide you a stream of passive income.
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You Should Bet With Passive Picks

Our Success

We have one of the highest win rates in the industry at 71.69%. The average "handicapper" will have an average of 55-65%. A few extra wins can be the difference of a few thousand dollars.

Our Transparency

A lot of companies won't post losing picks and will deceive you with false statistics. We are the only company that is 100% transparent as we post every play, every day to our Instagram page.

Our Low Juice

We only send out picks with good juice. We typically don't send out anything worse than -150 and around 80% of our picks are -110 or better. This way, you won't lose your whole bankroll when a favorite gets upset.

Our Timing

We typically send out picks 5 hours to 60 minutes before game time, giving you plenty of time to get your picks in. Rest assured, you won't be scrambling to get picks in last minute.

Our Customer Service

We have a 24/7 customer service team that genuinely cares about you and wants you to win more than anything. We have a client retention rate of 97% to prove this.

Our Returns

We have an average yearly return of 873% ROI. This consistently outperforms any stock, crypto, or real estate investment out there, year after year.
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our mission

To Provide You with a Stream of Passive Income

Here at Passive Picks, we view sports betting as an investment, and we take what we do very seriously. Our mission is to help you make passive income, one bet at a time.
97% Client Retention Rate
71.69% Average Yearly Win Rate
Trusted by 3.500+ customers

Changing how sports bettors invest their money...

These are some of the testiments that we have provided our customers over the past few years.
in profit
“I bought the March Madness Package, and in the first month I made over $42,000 from my bookie!”
Ben R. / Lansing, Michigan
their bet size
"With Passive Picks, I was able to increased my bet size from $50 to $500."
Travis T. / Tampa, Florida
hours a week saved
"I used to spend 3 hours a day to research plays, only for me to break even, but not anymore!"
James W. / Iowa City, Iowa
increased bankroll
“With Passive Picks,I experienced steady grow over the first 2 months.”
Ken B. / New York, New York
in revenue
"In my first year with Passive, I made over $100K betting $300/game"
Jack R. / Lansing, Michigan
return on investment
"I doubled my bankroll in my first 50 days!"
Johnny M. / Atlanta, Georgia

What type of package are you looking for?

For the casual bettor

Perfect for those just dipping their toes into the sports betting world. Our Standard package offers our trusted "Standard Picks", tailored for occasional bettors seeking reliable insights.

For the high roller

Designed for the serious investor that wants our best bets each day, our Premium package dives deeper, delivering our "Premium Picks" which is our 1-3 most confident bets that hit at a higher win rate than our other picks.

For the ultimate sports bettor

For the ultimate sports betting aficionado, this package leaves no stone unturned. Offering our full suite of services, the All-Inclusive package offers our Standard AND Premium Picks. It also comes with access to our giveaways and any future we send out as well.

What does Passive Picks look like?

Here is an example of a typical email you will receive from Passive Picks. Each email comes with the pick, the odds associated with it, and the unit sizing, so you know exactly how much to wager on every pick.